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stay with us

Staying with us is not your typical safari camp experience.


We sleep under canvas, all meals are cooked on the fire (you will even help cook them), the toilets are simple, you will help fetch and carry your own water and will make fire to heat your water to wash. Food is always delicious when cooked on open fire.


Importantly there will always be a cold sundowner drink to watch the sun set and welcome in the excitement of night time in the bush.

We have purposefully kept the camp simple so we have little impact on the environment. We would like to think that if we left the camp and packed everything up, there would be nothing left but our footprints on the way out.


Because we choose to keep the camp basic it means we only cater for small numbers to ensure our minimal impact. You will be within a small group of people and there are also staff who live there permanently.

By staying with us you will be experiencing the African bush in its rawest form, dirt between your toes, dust in your hair, wildlife roaming and the ‘African bug’ will get you. It’s a bug that if you catch it, will stay with you forever. It leaves you with a longing for the African bush, a longing for the exhilaration freedom that you experienced. 

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