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Morama  exists to conserve and promote the ecosystem and people of north western Botswana. 


Morama Wildlife Trust, a not for profit organisation, was formed in 2003 and has maintained a presence and a rustic camp on the reserve ever since. We deliver conservation projects, provide employment and training opportunities for local communities, reestablish wildlife migratory routes, explore sustainable forms of land use, and act as an ambassador for the people and wildlife of this little known and often overlooked region of Botswana. 

about Morama

             began with a meeting of minds of three individuals with very different backgrounds, but a common passion for the country, its people and wildlife. 

             have been refined over the years, to embed and react to the rapidly changing physical and political landscape. 

                  has remained consistent throughout this time, with key stakeholders offering additional support and access to the international conservation and development community.


              itself has developed over time with the ongoing habitat management programme and corresponding increase in biodiversity. 

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