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our aims

Conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife

To conserve the habitat and its fauna and flora, as a natural ecosystem typical of the western Kalahari, achieved through the implementation of an appropriate management regime.



To enhance and increase the biodiversity of the region through the sustainable management of the ecosystem.


Human/wildlife conflict mitigation

To provide suitable habitat and safe haven for wildlife in order to reduce human wildlife interactions and conflict.

Education and community outreach

To establish and provide an environmental awareness programme for the local community and clients.

Employment and training

Aim: To provide employment, training and capacity building for the local community in an area where unemployment is high.


Cross boarder conservation

Provision of opportunities for a trans frontier wildlife conservation area with Namibia.


Expansion of tourism

Development of low level and low impact eco-tourism, in an area where few tourism facilities exist, providing opportunities and employment for the local community.


Land management

Encouragement of the acquisition of land adjacent to the Reserve by local people and the provision of support and advice for its incorporation into the Morama Management Plan.

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